Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542
  Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542  
Name Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542
Date 1542 - 1542
Gender Female

A monument to the Dawtrey family dates from 1542 (Pevsner and Nairn, 1965, 295). It shows Sir John Dawtrey in armour and his wife, Jane (daughter of Sir Ralph Shirley of Wiston). She wears a robe and over-mantle, the full sleeves turned back; "pedimental" bonnet and veil; she has a rosary and gypciere (purse) (Mosse, 1933, 134-5).

Sir John was the son of Edmund Dawtrey and his wife Isabel Wood. Sir John Dawtrey was High Sheriff of Sussex in 1526. The issue of the marriage was two sons and two daughters. Jane outlived her husband and may have gone on to marry Sir Richard Lister of Yorkshire (Mosse, 1933, 135-6).

Despite Nairn and Pevsner's assertion that the monument has been "appropriately repainted" (1965, 295), the restored colour is incorrectly applied and has confused the appearance of the garments. Jane wears a French gown with a tight bodice, open overskirt and full sleeves. All of these should be one colour as they form one garment. They are currently shown as a red bodice and skirts with black sleeves (which are fur-trimmed). The foresleeves and kirtle (visible under the gown) are painted the same red as the bodice suggesting they form one garment. If the bodice were black, the gown and kirtle would be correctly represented.


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Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Back
Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Torso
Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Bottom back
Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Head
Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Couple
Lady Jane Dawtrey (née Shirley) 1542 - Monument
Location St Mary's Church
Church Street