Elizabeth Byne (née Bowyer) 1600
  Elizabeth Byne (née Bowyer) 1600  
Name Elizabeth Byne (née Bowyer) 1600
Date 1600 - 1600
Gender Female

This mural memorial commemorates John Byne of Rowdell (died 1600) and Elizabeth Bowyer and their family. The couple kneel with open books, attended by five sons and two daughters. John wears a gown with false sleeves and a ruff. The sons wear ruffs, tunics and cloaks. Elizabeth wears a stomacher and mantle with her hair brushed back from her forehead, a cap and veil with her daughters similarly attired. The family resided at Rowdell from the time of Henry VIII. John's parents were William Byne of Wakehhurst and Alice Culpeper. Elizabeth's parents were Robert Draper of Camberwell and his second wife Elizabeth Roper (daughter of Rober Draper of Camberwell, Page of the Jewel Office to Queen Elizabeth (Mosse, 1933, 187-8).


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