Joan Suckling (née Cardinal) 1589
  Joan Suckling (née Cardinal) 1589  
Name Joan Suckling (née Cardinal) 1589
Date 1589 - 1589
Gender Female

There is a monument to a former mayor of Norwich (in 1572 and 1582), Robert Suckling (who died in 1589) with he and his (first or probably his second) wife represented as kneeling figures either side of a prayer desk (Good, 2004; Pevsner and Wilson, 1997, 231). There are four sons behind Robert Suckling and five daughters behind Mrs Suckling (Norwich Churches, 2006).


Sir Robert Suckling (1520 to 1589) was a mercer, who attained the rank of sheriff in 1564, a burgess in parliament in 1571 and 1586 and was mayor in 1572 and 1582. His father Richard is recorded as being a baker and alderman. Robert was married twice: first to Elizabeth Barwick (died 1569) and secondly to Joan Cardinal. Robert held an estate at Woodton but also lived in Suckling House on St Andrew's Street (Norwich Churches, 2006).


Joan (née Cardinal) Suckling's garments:

High-wired hair; close-fitting cap with jewelled billament and veil pinned up in stiff bongrace; figure-of-eight-pleated ruff; high-necked doublet-style buttoned bodice and (possibly separate) pair of sleeves with cuffs; loose, girdled, long gown with winged sleeves, standing collar and train falling from shoulders; petticoat with tuck over softly-padded farthingale.



Anon (undated) Welcome: St Andrew's Church, Norwich


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Joan Suckling (née Cardinal) 1589 monument
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Location St Andrew's Church
St Andrew's Street