Anne Heydon 1593
  Anne Heydon 1593  
Name Anne Heydon 1593
Date 1593 - 1593
Gender Female

A standing monument  on the east wall in alabaster commemorates Sir William Heydon (died 1593) and his wife Anne (1540-1603), daughter of Sir William Woodhouse of Hickling, Norfolk. They are represented as two south-facing kneeling figures, having presumably been re-arranged since their original construction (Good, 2004; Pevsner and Wilson, 1997, 370). Some original paint remains (NMR, 2008).


The Heydon family had risen in the 15th century through the law, and enjoyed a powerful position in Norfolk affairs, with extensive lands and a palatial mansion in Baconsthorpe. Deep in debt, Sir William had been forced to mortgage Baconsthorpe and only a series of royal protections kept his creditors at bay. In 1590 he decided to sell part of his property, a plan his son challenged on the grounds that the estates were entailed to him. When Sir William threatened to demolish Baconsthorpe itself, out of spite, the younger man secured a prohibition from the privy council which condemned the plan as unnatural and likely to set a bad example. The dispute, which drew in many of the leading Norfolk families, dragged on for several years and led to a lawsuit between father and son in 1593. Sir William died the following year, bequeathing his estate to his widow instead of his son, and Heydon then went to law against her. She appealed to the queen, on whose order the lord keeper settled the dispute. Heydon was left liable for inherited debts of £11,000, adding to his own of over £3,000 (Capp, 2004).


Anne Heydon's garments:

Wired hair; headdress with coif, stiffened cap, band and pleated veil hanging behind; small, closed, figure-of-eight pleated ruff; doublet-style bodice with stiff standing collar has no front fastening; finely-pleated loose gown with train falling from shoulders and sleeves with very small cuffs; decorated girdle tied in a knot with metal tags holds gown close to body; stiff, forward-tilting farthingale petticoat.




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Anne Heydon 1593 couple
Anne Heydon 1593 side
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Anne Heydon 1593 torso
Anne Heydon 1593 head
Anne Heydon 1593 head side
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Anne Heydon 1593 monument
Location St Mary's Church
Church Lane
NR25 6LS