Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592
  Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592  
Name Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592
Date 1592 - 1592
Gender Female
In the southern portion of the church is a handsome monument to Sir Henry Hawear (or Hawe) and his two wives (Lewis, 1848, 509-512). Henry Hawe (who died 1592) built Wood Hall in 1579. He is depicted with his wife Ursula and a second woman whose name is unknown (Good, 2004; Pevsner and Wilson, 1999, 402; Knott, 2005).


Hawe women's garments:

Wired hair; layered hoods with coif, cap, band and veils hanging behind; closed, figure-of-eight pleated ruffs; doublet-style bodices with standing collars; finely-pleated gowns with sleeves and trains falling from shoulders; girdles hold gowns close to body and tied centre front; forward-tilted farthingale petticoats.



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Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 side
Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 back
Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 girdle
Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 family
Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 monument
Ursula and ?? Hawe 1592 inscription
Location All Saints Church
Church Street
Downham Market
PE38 0JP