Layer daughters 1600
  Layer daughters 1600  
Name Layer daughters 1600
Date 1600 - 1600
Gender Female

Christopher Layer (born 1531, died 1600) and his wife Barbara (died 1604) are represented in a tablet monument with kneeling figures across a prayer desk. There are other allegorical figures including a workman representing Labour (Good, 2004; Pevsner and Wilson, 1997, 241).


Christopher's father William was a grocer by trade. They were descended from the Layers of Bury in Suffolk, William was the first to settle in Norwich in which city he attained the rank of Sheriff in 1526 and Mayor in 1537.
Christopher and his brother Thomas both followed in their father's footsteps. He and his wife Barbara, daughter of Augustine Steward, had eight children all carved on his monument (Norwich Churches, 2006; Tricker, 2001, 32).


The inscription is in Latin, but somewhat corrupt so the translation is not easy. However, he is buried there (1600) with his wife (1604) who bore him five daughters and three sons, of whom two predeceased their father, so his only (surviving) son erected the monument (Blomefield, VI, 293).The monument alludes to his twice holding the highest office in Norwich. He was the eldest son and heir of John Layer of Norwich, who died in 1560 seized of good estates in Saxham, Faverton, Middleton, and Lowestoft in Suffolk. Christopher purchased Boton and was a merchant in Norwich in 1561, sheriff in 1596, mayor in 1581 and 1589, and burgess in parliament for the city in 1584 and 1596 (Blomefield, VI, 354 –5).


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