Saltonstall daughters 1601
  Saltonstall daughters 1601  
Name Saltonstall daughters 1601
Date 1601 - 1601
Gender Female

There is a standing wall monument in the north chapel to Sir Richard Saltonstall (born 1521, died 1601), Lord Mayor of London in 1597. He and his wife, Lady Suzanna (neé Poyntz) are represented with kneeling figures of their children: seven sons and nine daughters, 11 of whom lived to “honour” their father at his funeral (Good, 2004; Pevsner and Bettley, 2007, 719; Powell, 1978, 117-126; Stanford, 2006, 91; Hough, 1983, 119). Sir Richard is represented in armour and wears the insignia of the Lord Mayor.


The children’s names were: Gilbert, Philip, Richard, Peter, Edward, Samuel, Hester, Martha, Judith, Elizabeth, Elenor, Mary, Sarah, Anne, Abigail and Suzanne (according to a note in the church).


The inscription reads:


Here lieth the earthly part of Sr Richard Saltonstall Knight whose age was blest with this honnor to bee Lo. Mayor of

the Citie of London his dayes did like bright and puer incense shine in Holy Labors to God his Prince and his countrie

Hee was joynt Lord of this Towne and patron of this Church when hee dyed the glass of his life rann out full

to the end of fowerscore yeeres of which number hee spent fifty in the chast and holy lawes of marriage with his

deere beloved wife Suzanna, the only daughter of Thomas Poyntz of Northockendon in Essex Esquier, The blessinges

which God in ample measure heapt uppon him were made full with the happiness of XVI children: VII sonnes, and IX

daughters: of whome God spared IIII sonnes and VII daughters to do honnor for their fathers funeral. York

shiere challengeth his birth, and this place his burial. The poore of both shed teeres for his ‘loss’, because the

poore of both tasted comefort by his life: Hee dyed in the yeere of O redemption 1601 and now dwells there where hee

shall never dye. In remembrance of whom Ladie Suzanna Saltonstall his wife erected this monument


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Saltonstall monument
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Location St Nicholas's Church
The Green
South Ockendon
RM15 5HF