Unknown woman c1520
  Unknown woman c1520  
Name Unknown woman c1520
Date 1520 - 1520
Gender Female
There is an altar tomb with two recumbent alabaster figures (an unknown knight and lady circa 1520) at the west end of the church. There are two somewhat weathered effigies of a knight and lady; he wears armour. "The lady has a kennel [sic] head-dress, a loose sash at the waist, a full-skirted gown and a long mantle fastened across the breast by cords; about her neck is a chain with a cross pendant is thrice wound" (Page, 1911, 28).

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Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - side
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - top
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 -
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - side top
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - torso
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - head side
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - sleeves front
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - sleeves side
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - shoes top
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - shoes bottom
Oakley woman (unknown) c1520 - dress hooks
Location St Leonard's Church
Rectory Road