Lady Joan Lisle c1510 to 1520
  Lady Joan Lisle c1510 to 1520  
Name Lady Joan Lisle c1510 to 1520
Date 1510 - 1520
Gender Female

An altar tomb of Purbeck marble with male and female effigies (circa 1510) is thought to be an amalgam of two others. The north panel shows the arms of Courtney and Lisle. The man wears armour with Lisle/Cormeilles designs. The figures may represent Sir John and Lady Joan Lisle. The Victoria County History describes the lady's dress as follows: "The lady wears a richly decorated 'kennel' [sic] head-dress and her hair descends in long tresses behind her back; she is in a tight-fitting dress with close sleeves and a long mantle fastened apparently by a double chain at the shoulders, from which hangs a cross. Her feet are wrapped in the mantle" (Page, 1911, 4, 390). 


Anon (undated) St Peter & St Paul, Thruxton

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Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - monument
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - top
Lady Joan Lisle c1510 - bottom
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - face
English or gable hood with own hair bound with ribbon underneath. Circular adornment may be a pilgrim badge.
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - torso
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - neckline
Decoration is visible on the underneath layer (kirtle) with a plain top layer (gown).
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - sleeve
Smock cuff is visible at wrist underneath pleated foresleeve which is mostly covered by a mantle (cloak) with revere (turn back).
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - accessories
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - head top
Lady Joan Lisle (c1510) - lappet
Location Church of St Peter & St Paul