Jane Wriothesley (née Cheney), Countess of Southampton 1582 to 1594
  Jane Wriothesley (née Cheney), Countess of Southampton 1582 to 1594  
Name Jane Wriothesley (née Cheney), Countess of Southampton 1582 to 1594
Date 1582 - 1594
Gender Female

The south chapel contains a very fine late 16th century monument to the first Countess of Southampton - Jane Wriothesley (née Cheney), who died in 1574. She is depicted with her husband Thomas (died 1551), the first earl and their son Henry (died 1582), the second earl, who wears armour. There are four kneeling figures. The two women on the south side are said to represent Jane's daughters but she had just one named Elizabeth.  The two on the north side represent Henry, the third earl, and his sister Maria, Jane's grandchildren (Hare, 1992, 19). Jane also had two sons who died in infancy (William and Anthony). The unidentified woman could be the second earl's wife, Mary Browne, who was the daughter of Anthony Browne, first viscount Montagu).

The Wriothesley monument was set up in accordance with the will of the second earl, proved 7 February 1582, by which the enormous sum of £1,000 was left for the making of "two faire monuments" in the "chapel of the parish church of Tichell, co. Southampton." The directions for two monuments were however ignored, and one only was made, on which the three alabaster effigies rest (Page, 1908, 220-33).

The monument builder was Richard Stevens of Southwark, who was also responsible for the Montague monument at Easebourne, Sussex (Pevsner and Nairn, 1965, 212) or Gerard Johnson for whom there is a contract dated 1594 (Pevsner and Lloyd, 1967, 624).


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Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Foresleeves
Jane Wriothesley - Head (side)
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Mantle (detail)
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Neckline
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Neckline detail
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Stomacher
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Top (side)
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Torso
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Torso detail
Jane Wriothesley 1582 - Monument
Location St Peter's Church